Driven by his strong leadership skills and a passion for education, J.B. Franze is a self-taught programmer and developer with more than two decades of experience as an IT professional across various industries.

As an immigrant from Canada, Franze got his first taste of the tech world in the United States over 20 years ago. Franze’s strong worth ethic and willingness to learn spurred substantial growth opportunities over the years as he took on a variety of new positions within large Fortune-500 companies in the Dallas-Forth Worth area including Texas Instruments, a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company, and Microsoft.

Fast forward to today, Franze is currently a Programmer Analyst with Denbury Inc., an independent oil and natural gas company, and has been involved with the Texas oil industry for the last eight years. He also serves on the board of directors for the Milligan Water Supply Corporation.

Working hard to perfect his craft and further his knowledge over the years, Franze holds a Leadership Essentials Certificate from Cornell University where he learned valuable management and administrative skills including how to become a powerful leader; building high-performance teams; executing interpersonal communications skills; managing team performance, time and priorities; conducting effective interviews for hiring; and addressing workplace behavioral issues.

When not in the office, Franze is a fixture within the McKinney community and is an advocate for philanthropic initiatives both locally and internationally. For the last five years, Franze has sponsored a child in Kenya through the Hope Foundation of Kenya and in 2017, visited the country on a mission trip where he and his group taught in the schools, played with the children, attended church and helped the village build new mud huts that were destroyed after heavy rains. Similarly, Franze also served as a volunteer on a 2016 trip to Thailand where he helped teach English to elementary school students who lived within impoverished areas and could not afford to employ native-English speakers in the schools.

In his free time, Franze enjoys spending time with his family including his wife of 13 years, Cassondra, and his two children Addison, 12 and Mason, 5. Franze and his family look forward to the day when they can travel and once again, safely help those in need all over the world.